Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vamp Gothic Meets LA Ink Meets TRL Jewelry

Not sure when it happened; but I am mesmerized by the look of red and black. I have to laugh at myself -- I have not read or seen the vampire books/films that are currently making the rounds; and I really hadn't given tattoos much thought until I lived in NYC.

On a trip downtown one Saturday morning, I was intrigued by all the tattoos I saw. Then, I got hooked on Miami Ink and I gained an appreciation of the art and talent it takes to produce it. Since then I have watched episodes of Tattoo Highway and LA Ink. No, I have not gotten a tattoo myself -- I'm too pain-adverse -- so I am sure the first time the artist touched me (even with an alcohol swab) I would shout "STOP!" So, for now, there will be no tattooing. All this make a point. In my mind, the art of the tattoo and vampire goth seem to go hand and hand. The dark bold colors mixed with black gives an unusual personality to a piece of jewelry or a tattoo. So, I think I might be on a bit of a vamp-goth period!