Monday, September 14, 2009

Willamette Woman -- Peek in a Purse

Well, yes it's true, looking inside a woman's bag can be a scary thing. And, so it goes with mine. When I was asked to do the "Peek in a Purse" feature for the September-October issue of Willamette Woman (part of the Statesman Journal in Salem) I thought it would be fun. Well, it certainly was -- but, now the world knows I am somewhat of a kook!

But in a good least I hope so. Yes, there are the usual things -- Blackberry, lip glosses, dental floss (everyone carries dental floss, don't they?), business cards, and Altoids. But I wonder how many people have to lug around the mammoth EpiPen just in case they encounter an angry bee or a tree nut? What a pain (in more ways than one) -- since I really don't like to carry a "purse" at all and most times would prefer to put all those necessary items in pockets. When I do carry a bag they usually are of the backpack, messenger bag or tote variety -- never a proper dainty purse. So the most recent addition to my list of things I must carry now means that I have to have a place big enough to put the damn thing! Much to the medical profession's dismay, I resisted carrying the pen for years then a recent episode over a bag of peanuts being opened in the same car in which I was riding caused me some alarm. I finally had to acquiesce and admit that it was best to carry some type of remedy for a throat that is closing and making it almost impossible to breathe. Anyhow -- this is the result of that fun day of interviewing and photography -- thanks to everyone over at the Statesman Journal for making it so much fun for me.

Oh, and since it is always about the jewelry, here is a pix of a bracelet similar to the one I was wearing. I don't have an image of the exact one I donned that day since it is from my personal stash and I never made a duplicate to sell on the site. The one I am wearing in the pix is done in shades of green and Czech glass beads that resemble beach glass. I just love the look of the beaded rope partnered with the link chain and charms. The one in this pix is accented with carnelian and the kickiest peachy-gold faceted Czech glass pearls. It's a fun combo.