Saturday, October 31, 2009

Copper -- The Vibrance of the Season

Here we are, coming on November. Lots of ghosts and goblins will be out and about this evening; full of the joy of it all. What fun. Looking out at the hawthorn tree with its vibrant hues of golds, oranges, reds, ambers and copper reminds me that the season is in full-swing. (No hint of the current baseball frenzy intended.) I have always loved the look of copper in jewelry -- especially when it has been softened with a nice patina. Yes, I do play chemist occasionally and patina the metal I use in my jewelry.

It gives much of the silver, copper and brass an interesting dimension and I love doing it because it lets me control the end result. And, no, I have not blown up the workbench in the process...well, not yet, at least. These bracelets incorporate red aventurine (in different shapes and sizes) and copper beads and chain. don't you just love the look? Definitely not something you see every day...and I like that!

If you're a fan of the copper jewelry, hang on to your tootsies -- it is making a HUGE splash in spring 2010. Why wait until then to get your fill. You could be the first in your bunch with that special glow -- no not from another hot flash; but because you are wearing a majestic piece of jewelry designed around copper and real gemstones. Yes, real gemstones -- no plastics that "look like" a gemstone -- these are the real deal. Remember, there is more where this came from -- so you might want to take a little side trip and see what's up on my site. And, just in case you forgot, FREE USPS Priority Mail every day on bracelets and necklaces, no minimum order! I do my best to be sure that all orders are mailed within 24-hours. Now that's snappy service. Also, every thing is wrapped for gift-giving -- all you have to do is hand it over. Don't you just love that?