Sunday, October 11, 2009

If It's Good Enough for Mother Nature

People are always asking me where I get the inspiration for my jewelry designs. I know it sounds vague but I am inspired by all things around me. I feel like a giant sponge (no cruel jokes please) in that I seem to absorb the energy of what's going on in my world. Much of that energy is passed on to my jewelry.

It's no secret -- I love the beach and all it brings. But, in total contrast I was completely over the moon when I lived in New York City. The architecture, the history, the energy of live theatre, those hip and happening downtown types, Goth and tattoo art (yes, I said tattoo art) all show up in my jewelry somehow. And, Mother Nature continually slays me -- especially living here in the Pacific Northwest. The combination of colors I see here on a daily basis pushes me to work hard to replicate, or at least represent, some of what I encounter along the way

The color in the sky a few days back was captivating. It made me immediately think of the Botswana agate gemstones I have been working with over the years. Yes, the grey and the orange color of these stones is natural and they come from the same stone. Often you will see beads that contain a combo of both colors; but when I saw these beads that had been cut into grey beads and orange beads I just had to have them. These are two separate bracelets, one done in gold and one in sterling -- but you get the idea. I love showing the pieces on this wrist display since it gives a bit of an idea of how the bracelets look when worn -- keep in mind, however, that this display is smaller than the normal-sized wrist -- clearly, this display needs to eat a sandwich! But that's a whole other topic for conversation. I'm thinking the orange Botswana agate would be interesting layered with gold bracelets and that combo would be a fun look to wear with charcoal grey this season. Strange combo you say? I say, if it is good enough for Mom Nature, it's good enough for me!