Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loving the Necks!

I finally got around to watching the new episode of Ugly Betty. For some reason, I love watching the show -- for one, having lived in NYC, it's fun to see the location shoots. Along with that, the fact that I have a few friends in fashion and publishing, make it fun to see a show that is so over the top about both of these industries. What I like most about the show, however, guessed it...seeing the jewelry.

That Claire Meade character, played by Judith Light, wears the coolest necklaces. Not sure who the designer is on any of the pieces -- but I
'm thinking they've taken a page from my book. Well, okay -- maybe I've taken a page from theirs. Or just maybe, it's that universal consciousness thinking where one person thinks of something and sends that thought out to the universe therefore raising the chances of someone living on the opposite of the world picking up on the thought and doing the exact same thing. (Or something like that!) Anyhow, last night CM did it again with multiple layers of very chunky rich-looking stones -- not plastic (at least not plastic in my pieces) worn a bit closer to the neck. Now that's a look! I've got similar designs in the TRL Jewelry inventory -- these are just two of the many. Sardonyx on top and fire agate below. Oh boy -- can you say "statement?"