Sunday, February 07, 2010

And, the Creative Cactus Award...

Today the creative cactus award goes to this beauty -- nestled in the front yard of a beautiful home in a small community here in Tucson. Anyone who says that Mother Nature isn't a genius is just nuts. Would you look at this thing?

I would guess that it is about 15 feet tall. No, I didn't measure it; but when I stood next to it i felt very small. I wish I could be here in the spring when it blooms -- seems to me, I do remember seeing flowers on these on former trips to the Southwest. The greens and blues in the shot are truly inspirational -- makes me think of green aventurine and turquoise. Gets the creative juices flowing and makes me long for my work bench.

If you look closely through the opening on the cactus in the picture above, you will see a hint of an adobe water tower in the background. Believe me, that was not an intentional shot! It was just pure are so many things in life. This is just another one of those instances where there is so much too see -- but sometimes we miss it all because we are concentrating on the obvious. Just a little philosophical tidbit ...again! Sorry, but I just can't help myself.