Tuesday, February 02, 2010

There's a Moon Out Tonight

It's true, I was feeling stuffed after a steak, ribs and chicken cooked-over-an-open-mesquite-fire dinner with friends, including Jay King of Mine Finds fame and two of his lapidary associates from China. As full as I was on the drive home, I just had to stop to capture the mysterious full moon over the desert. It was so beautiful as it peeked in and out of the wispy clouds.

There are a lot of pretty things here in Tucson. It's not what you normally think of when someone says the word "desert." Surrounded by mountains, or are they hills, on all four sides means that no matter what direction you look you see something. Not just flat land for miles. There is a tiny bit of snow on top of the mountains (sorry I don't have a pix to share today) and while it is quite warm and sunny here the snow tipped caps remind me that it is, indeed, winter. Best of all, we have had sun now for several days in a row. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I say "it's a miracle."