Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fickle Weather

So, why am I feeling like the local weatherperson of late? I just took a gander at the last few site entries...and I am obsessed by the weather. While there are some signs of spring around, today it's icy and they say snow is on the way. I know, I know. What a baby...I can hear all of my friends who live on the other coast calling me names and pointing fingers. Yes, I ran with a mature crowd while living there -- but, heck, we had fun!

Sitting here in my studio, looking out on the icicles, I figure it's the perfect day to work with clear crystal quartz. It's cool looking and calming and I know we will be very happy to wear it all when we are sweltering in the hot humid days of summer. The beauty shown here is a favorite of mine and continues to be a fav of all of yours, too. Luckily, I have a few more of these clear crystal quartz (sometimes called rock crystal) beads to make a few more. So, if it looks like the perfect design for you or a bride you know -- visit my site and scoop them up before someone beats you to it. This summer, you'll be thanking your lucky stars that at least you have something cool to wear around that hot sweaty neck of yours. (Ew-w -- did I just say "sweaty?")