Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out...Tomorrow

"Bet your bottom dollar that the sun..." Well, you know the rest. And, we are so waiting for it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring is slow in coming. Today, snow in the forecast, cold winds and gray skies. Even Bea looks depressed. What's a dog to do when it's raining and cold out. Come on...there are birds to chase and skunks to hunt -- but sissy that she is, she doesn't like the rain. Can you believe I raised a sissy Cairn?

In order to ward off the ever- present gray and the gloominess that I sometimes feel because of it, today I am wearing a beauty of a bracelet. The carnelian on this piece is happy and a fabulous color. The BIG faceted stones are smooth to the touch and somehow settle my anxious soul. And, surprise of all surprises...I am just wearing one bracelet today. Hm-m-m wonder what that means? Where's the shrink when you need him?