Thursday, February 10, 2011

Japonica and Sunshine

What more could a person want. Sunshine for a few days now -- I'm thinking two and it seems that the sun will stay for yet another day! The bigger surprise was that the huge Japonica outside one of my window is actually in bloom! Not just buds -- but blooming with glorious scent and all! Oh happy day. While it is always the first to bloom, it seems really early this year. Maybe it's further proof that spring will be early this year. What did that fuzzy groundhog tell us? Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm celebrating the season with a trip to the dentist. I know, I know -- it sounds weird; but I am a bit obsessive about my teeth and unfortunately I have yet to find a dentist here that makes me happy. So, off to a new one that a friend recommended a few towns over. I so loved my dentist in NYC -- in fact, I think it is safe to say, I had a little crush on him but he was always asking about a very cute female friend of mine. So clearly, he had no interest in me...other than my teeth! Always the bridesmaid I suppose.

Speaking of bridesmaids, I just finished up my article on bridal jewelry for the wedding issue of Gladys Magazine. It was a fun write -- made me look back in time -- and remember the trials and tribulations of planning my wedding. That issue of Gladys will be on newsstands April 10th -- but meanwhile, if you scurry you might be able to catch their travel issue which has the most amazing photos of Greece. Simply beautiful -- sunshine and water -- how can you go wrong? So run and get it now.