Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's About Green and So Much More

I'd be a fool to think I could surprise anyone by wearing green today...right? So here is what I have on my wrist in the way of jewelry -- one of my green jade soft bangle numbers, layered with a very early Judith Ripka multi-colored jade piece. However, what's not shown in the image is the green jade bangle I added to the bunch. A bangle that I was gifted back in 1967 -- yes -- 1967 by someone quite special!

Wow -- that was a memorable year for many reasons -- one of which was the selling of my first piece of jewelry at the Sunset Beach Art Festival. I guess it's safe to say that Tanya Lochridge Jewelry was born at that very moment in time! So much fun, those Sunset Beach days -- and if I remember correctly, it was about this time of year -- no wait, I think it was in May.

It being St. Patrick's Day and all, I am reminded of my family heritage and those hearty souls who traveled to this country from Scotland, Ireland and Russia in hopes of making a better life for their families. I often wonder if I had been around in those days, would I have had the courage and the fortitude to make such a journey, or would I have contently stayed back waving them off from a front porch somewhere. While I don't know the answer to that question, I do know that I am very happy and grateful to be living in a country based on doctrines that include freedom of speech and religion along with so many other things. So -- that being said, I'll quietly thank all of my relatives who were bold enough to make the long journey so that they could live life as they saw fit -- without religious restrictions and with other freedoms they had not known prior to coming to the United States. Their courage made it possible for me to have a life I love, doing the things that make me happy -- so I am more than grateful to all of them -- there simply aren't words to express that gratitude so I will leave it with a heartfelt "thank you."