Monday, March 07, 2011

Treasures That Make it "Home"

I just finished enjoying the most recent post on a friend's blog that waxes poetic about "homes and how they grow and reflect who we are and where we have been." A touching insight, actually. So naturally, I was inspired to snap a pix of a few treasures that sit on my ever-changing coffee table. Are they still called coffee tables?

Not quite sure, but you get the gist. Anyhow, that lovely Baccarat crystal perfume beauty was a gift from Darcy (writer of the Le Petit Chateau blog) -- a thoughtful thank you for being a part of her wedding many, many years ago. That beauty, which is currently nestled in with a Baccarat heart from an old beau, a magical glass ball from a dear friend, pine cones from Cape Cod and seashells from every beach I ever walked, has lived with matter where I called home. Sitting and thinking about the different places I have lived since that beautiful little bottle came into my life makes me understand how for me "life" is definitely in the little things -- not the big grandiose events; but in the tiniest of things. Yes, as you can imagine, my home is littered with special little treasures; and when I look at interior design mags or watch a design show on television my first thought is "where is all their do people live without stuff?" You see, to me, the stuff I have sprinkled about is far more than clutter -- it is full of warm, loving and often funny memories, so I cherish it and those memories every day.