Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Softest of Greens

Between storms this morning, I wanted to breathe some fresh air so stepped outside to walk the property, breathe deeply and look for signs of spring. I say "walk the property" as if I am living on hundreds of acres, and like Desparado have to "ride the fences!"

Well, that's not the case -- in fact, the property in question is quite small, but property none-the-less. I was so tickled to see early signs of spring. The softest of greens beginning to appear. Along with the Japonica, which I talked about a few entries ago, today I see that the daffodils and narcissus are sprouting. There are a few hearty blooms on a group of the daffodils just waiting to pop open on the next sunny day. (I hated to tell them that they might be waiting for a really long time.) A few little white bell shaped flowers are actually in bloom. I know I should know the name of these sweet little things but I have no idea what they are called. I do know that they are cute and whenever I see them I think of fairies and weddings. Mind you, not people weddings, but fairy weddings, under these little bell-like blossoms. Maybe too much gray weather -- making me nuts? All of the azaleas are in bud but no sign of hyacinth. 

Back in the studio, I wanted to wear something that says "early spring" and offers a sign of hope. So, I immediately went to the beautiful Kazuri piece shown here. The spearmint green of the Kazuri bead looks so peaceful mixed with the prehnite and freshwater pearls. It's just a peaceful bracelet -- and I love the fact that it carries the energy of the women in Kenya who make the stunning Kazuri beads. It's really a lovely thing all around.