Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Purple -- Fit for Royalty

The color purple has long been a favorite of mine -- by now you know I don't wear it in clothing (well, I do have a few deep purple hoodies so my global statement isn't entirely true -- oh, and I have a pair of purple loafers -- so okay I'm a liar!) but you get the gist of what I mean -- I do love to wear purple jewelry.

Purple gemstones are among my favorites -- Cape Amethyst is top of that list. I also love the fabulous range of purple glass beads that I get from the Czech Republic. Not only are the colors that come out of those glass factories amazing, the quality of those beads is unlike any I have seen. Case in point -- this stunning purple soft bangle The frosting on the cake with this bracelet is the vintage pressed glass beads and faceted clear beads with several different faceting patterns. I am wearing it in combo with a beautiful Judith Ripka bangle with beautiful amethyst stones. Historical, only royalty was allowed to wear purple -- and if you do any research, you'll find purple stones used in crowns and jewelry of those groups around the world. It is truly a combo fit for royalty and it makes me feel like royalty sitting here in the jewelry studio. I don't care that no one will see me today -- I'm still dolled up with my purple and Judith Ripka. Makes me happy on a really rainy, rainy, rainy day.