Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little Gift...It's a Good Thing

Today I spent the morning wrapping up items that I am donating for a fundraiser for Junior Achievement Arizona. I love to give when and where I can but it is always a bit of a challenge to select the items to include. I always want to make sure that I choose something that is a good fit for the women in attendance in hopes that they will bid on the pieces. Today, the choice was easier for some reason.

I choose one of my necklaces that has been on my top 10 list ever since it came off the studio table. A beautiful long necklace designed around big ol' hunks of rutilated and smoky quartz. The various beads just glimmer and dance as the light hits them and this particular rutilated quartz makes me think of honey or pecan pie which is weird, since I don't think I have ever actually tasted pecan pie. But, I do know how it looks -- and so rutilated quartz makes me think of it. The mind...interesting? Maybe not so much.

In addition, as you know, I love Kazuri beads and it warms my heart to design pieces around the beads I pick every year in Tucson. So, as a way to make a double contribution of sorts, I included this Kazuri bracelet for the fundraiser as well. I was so excited when the dark brown and gold beads came available many years ago -- I think you agree since designs with them have fast become a favorite of my customer-friends. I also think that this particular Kazuri bracelet can be worn in tandem with the rutilated quartz necklace shown. You know me -- I don't like matchy-matchy but I do like items that coordinate nicely. Since some of the glass beads are the same as those used on the necklace -- it all works for me. Of course, I love the deep color of the Kazuri beads -- makes me think of deep, dark yummy chocolate. Gee, do you think it is getting close to dinner time? Thoughts of food are dancing in my head. 

Anyhow, that being said, I do hope the winners of these pieces love them as much as I do and wear them in good health. It's a bit unusual for me to not know who is wearing my pieces -- I'm like a mother hen and like to keep track of where all my pieces live. Maybe I like it that way because it gives me the opportunity to experience so many walks of life through my jewelry. I don't know...somehow I think my jewelry lives a more exciting life than I do. Could be.