Sunday, January 10, 2010

Electronic Meltdown

Not sure what is going on with things -- but it seems I am having an electronic meltdown, of sorts. My Blackberry is acting up -- won't let me e-mail pix and has disconnected one of my e-mail addys; my Click-Free suddenly doesn't want to back up my notebook but works fine on the desktop; I am having a hard time with my new little video camera and the handheld control component on my Sleep Number bed went haywire!!

I'm telling you, it's making me long for the old days -- before we had all these gadgets. While I love all the techno stuff -- sometimes it is really challenging just working at keeping current and making sure it is all up and running at all times. I wonder how we did it back in the "dark ages" when we actually left the house in the morning and people couldn't find us until we were back home -- I don't remember being anxious about any of that; but then maybe I just can't remember back that far.

It's all got me contemplating the key to balance. Maybe we don't need to be so connected?