Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wearing Some Sunshine

One thing that I find most difficult about living in the Pacific Northwest is the lack of sunshine in the long, long, long months of winter. It's funny the things I take for granted day in and day out and when I don't have them I realize how much I depend on whatever it is I don't have at that moment. (If you're a trooper and want to experiment with that concept, turn off your water for a day and see just how much you depend on it.)

To me, sunshine is an essential part of life. Honestly, I don't mind the cooler temperatures at all -- but give me some sun every once in a while and I'd be a happy camper. Well, in the colloquial sense of the words...happy camper. Didn't want you to think I actually enjoyed camping because I don't; but that is a whole other blog entry. I think I saw the sun the week before Christmas -- oh, and for a few minutes very early last week. But, that's it.

Since there isn't enough Vitamin D in the world to make me feel as good as I do when I actually get vitamin D from the sun, I have to find my joy by wearing a little bit of sunshine on my wrist. So I thought I would share my innovative way of doing that today. While the sliced agate and large matte onyx stones are darker in tone I zipped them up with some sparks of gold throughout the design. And, when I partner it with some gold bracelets from my jewelry box, it says "sunshine and joy!" If you're looking to add some sunshine in your life there are lots of bright cheery things on my site.