Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Still Amazed

While I know it is a new era in communication -- this whole global connection thing still blows my mind at times. Today I saw a link to my site that was surrounded by Japanese characters and the link made reference to a Japanese blog. No, I still don't have a customer in Japan, but that doesn't mean I won't have one tomorrow! The world keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Don't you think?

Fifty years ago it would not have been so easy to incorporate beautiful gemstones, glass beads, and handcrafted metal components in jewelry as easy as it is today. Although, the upside to that is that I might have been able to use more components that were actually made in this country. Jewelry making is an incredible artistic and difficult endeavor and at one time Rhode Island was the mecca for beautifully manufactured fine and costume/fashion jewelry. Slowly, that craft has moved to other countries, leaving but a few functioning jewelry houses in this country. When possible, I try to utilize components made in America, but is is becoming more and more difficult. That is always one of my quests during the Tucson shows -- to scout out components made in this country. At this point, I do assemble all the jewelry for my line in this country; and as the business grows, it is my hope to rekindle the "cottage-industry model" and make it work for my jewelry biz in small town U.S.A. That works for me...hopefully, it works for you.