Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now That's a Front Yard

Since my usual route to the local Starbucks was washed out with Wednesday's rain, I had a bit of a windy detour this morning. But not to fear -- I was happy to drive through one of my favorite neighborhoods here in Tucson. The streets in this desert designed community are small, no curbs, single lane and are lined with the local trees (which i don't remember the names but I'll get back to you on that) and a wide variety of cacti. The homes are simply lovely, all different styles, all custom-built I am sure -- not your typical neighborhood where all the houses are lined up like soldiers wearing the same dreaded uniform.

Most of the houses incorporate the look of adobe and are designed with the weather in mind. Long porches with deep overhangs protect the windows from the sun -- funny, I can remember that this type of porch is called "loggio" in Italian; but I can't for the life of me remember the Spanish name. I swear my senior moments have moved into senior hours; and, soon I fear, I will be having senior days! I did capture the beauty of a few houses and will post them over the next few days. But I thought I would start with this front yard landscape. Do you think snakes live here, too? Well. as long as they stay outside and don't surprise me, I'm okay with that.