Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh The Joy!

What a surprise. Today I was running in and out of the house and studio getting "outside chores" done in between the rain storms. At one point, I thought I caught a faint scent of Japonica but I kind of chalked it up to wishful thinking. So you can imagine my surprise, when on the next trip out, I got a whiff again which spurred me to look a bit further. SURPRISE -- there are beautiful blush-white blossoms on the big old giant bush out back.

It is the end of January; very early indeed. Oh joy! I love the little bell-shaped blossoms. For some reason they make me think of fairies and dragonflies. And, the scent, is just heavenly. Now, when treasure-hunting in Tucson later this week, I want to find bunches of freshwater pearls in this exact color. Oh, won't that be lovely? Does everyone see jewelry possibilities in every thing they see? Or is it just me? Be kind...please.