Thursday, December 03, 2009

Coffee -- the Beautiful Bean

Jay Bush step aside. In my mind, there is no bean lovelier than a freshly roasted coffee bean from Peet's Coffee. Let's give a moment of silence for the beautiful bean. I was out of coffee for four long days -- no wonder my life was caddy-wampus. (I have no idea how to spell that correctly, so please put down your red pen. Thank you.)

While living in Mill Valley and working in San Francisco, I discovered Peet's Coffee and haven't veered off that track since -- let's see, that would be about 19 or so years now. At one time, I would have loved to work with them over in Emeryville. That would have been an interesting path. Wow -- where does the time go. But, I digress.

Thank goodness for speedy mail-order -- a service that has made it possible for me to have a freshly roasted batch of beans on hand at all times -- usually at all times. Do you know that the beans I received yesterday were roasted on 11/29/09? Now that's what I call service. Since I brew one cup at a time, last year I took the leap and moved on from my one-cup Milita cone and filter to a Keurig machine. It's a cool little piece of engineering that intrigues the geek in me. I can grind my own beans, place them in the little gold Keurig filter, push a button and presto-chango -- in a minute I can be enjoying the best cup of coffee ever. Do you think my love of coffee somehow influences my jewelry design? I've got to say, these gorgeous Kazuri beads make me think of coffee...oh, and chocolate.