Monday, December 07, 2009

Love That Max Blog

This whole "virtual universe" has me intrigued, to say the least. Every day it seems I learn something new about it all. Post this, comment, poke someone, tweet -- it's strange in that it has connected us all but in a very disconnected way. Ah, my inner philosopher stands tall at times.

To me, one of the most interesting parts of the experience is "meeting" so many talented and resourceful people. People who are able to share parts of themselves that, given another place or time, would not have been able to do so. Recently, a new "friend" entered my world. A young mom, living life to its fullest, on the other side of the country. She defines her blog: "A blog about parenting, extreme honesty, chocolate ice cream and my life with my little boy, who had a stroke at birth and kicks butt." You might want to hop over there and take a look at what she has to share -- it's inspiring as well as educational for those with kids and for those without. In the grand scheme of things -- it's really just about people living their lives -- something we all have in common.

You can find Ellen at And, as a side note, this week, she is also hosting a give-away promotion for the necklace pictured here. It makes me happy that she likes my jewelry well enough to include me in her event. Thanks, Ellen.