Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mystery and Glitter -- What?

So, you're asking "what do mystery and glitter have in common?" I know, the two words seem like a contradiction in terms (unless, of course, you are a stage magician); but believe me, in this necklace, the opposing qualities come together beautifully.

The mystery of huge smoky quartz faceted top-quality bead cut gems mingle with the intrigue of the most beautiful rutilated quartz faceted coin-style beads in this five-strand stunner. The glitter comes from the Czech glass fire-polished special-finish faceted beads. Maybe it's not nice to gloat about something I designed -- but I have to say the combination of the glorious gemstones with the glass beads in this necklace is exquisite. However, I do owe it all to Mother Nature for creating such glorious pieces of rock. For me, it all starts with the rock. So, truth be told, she actually makes my job pretty easy. I am honored to be working with these lovely, lovely stones. I would be remiss, though, if I didn't give kudos to the talented glass workers in the Czech Republic. I'm telling you, those people know how to make glass sing. It's all just mesmerizing and never ceases to amaze me.