Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Magic That is the Chrysler Building

Given my penchant for tiny things (hey, that could explain some of the men I've dated!), it probably comes as no surprise that I have collections of small things throughout the house and studio. Most are mementos or representations of places and people I love. This wire miniature of the Chrysler Building is part of my collection.

A few days ago, when the sun was at it's lowest in the evening (that would be about 4:00 pm here this time of year), a few glittering rays crept into the big window in my studio and lit the top of the Chrysler Building. It was a bit magical in that many times the sun would glisten off the real thing in NYC and if I just happened to be looking out of just the right window at just the right time I would capture the beauty of the building as Mother Nature added her exquisite touch.

Oh, just had a pop of inspiration -- looking at the curves and the loops of the wirework on my little treasure. Going to get to it -- and will post when finished. Stay tuned.