Monday, December 21, 2009

Ribbons and Bows

It's the season for ribbons and bows -- so why not tie up a few bracelets. I had fun mixing grosgrain, organza and a satin pin dot ribbon on these two bracelets. I love each of these bracelets alone -- one in labradorite and the other in pyrite crystal. Freshwater pearls of varying sizes dance along with the gemstones. Love the combo of the two - it all kind of blends and works for me. And, while the bows and the ribbons are a trend -- the good news is, when the trend is long gone, the bracelets will remain, forever timeless and classic. I like that.

So enjoyable, while I was working here in my studio, I was taken to Wollman Rink when my favorite classical radio station played Strauss's "Wine, Women and Song." If I couldn't be there in person, at least I could be there in my mind. Nothing like a good Strauss waltz to make one want to don their ice skates. You can stream the classical station on your computer at I'm telling you, it is by far the best classical station in the world. Well, not sure that is completely accurate, since I haven't listened to every station in the world; but this station tops those in the areas of the country in which I have lived. So, why not give it a listen. It's really quite lovely and lively.