Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blue Skies and Gemstones

I can't help but be influenced by the beautiful blue skies we are having up in this part of the country. Blue gemstones are a bit hard to come by these days -- but I had some good luck in Tucson this year.

Here is a bracelet I just finished up that is made up of blue chalcedony and Eagle Eye agate. I love chalcedony -- but unlike many other designers, I prefer the pieces that include the white streak that is characteristic of the gemstone. Seems I am always cheering for the underdog; although i don't think this stone is diminished at all by the white streak. While I have worked with some of the more translucent cuts, I really love the effect of these more opaque nuggets. Look closely, you can see the "stripes" made up of translucent and opaque white. Paired with one of my favorite agates known as Eagle Eye -- I just love this design. The overall look is feminine, but not in a teensy tiny way. It gives a confident look, yet says "girly-girl." I like that. Interested? Take a gander at the site -- there is a necklace made from the same components that is equally as lovely.