Monday, March 15, 2010

What Time Is It? Really.

Can someone please tell me what time it is? But more importantly, can someone please explain why we continue with this archaic time-changing silliness? I understand why they first came up with the idea during World War One; but doesn't it seem a bit strange that we hang on to the "tradition" long after we need it?

I'm confused enough most of the time -- but when we change the clocks, it seems to amplify my situation. There are some places in the country that have come to their senses about all of this time-changing nonsense. Tucson is one of those cities. For six months out of the year, here on the West coast, it is the same time as it is in Tucson. Since we are now in that period, I don't have to worry if it's too late to talk with my niece or send a text for fear of waking her up. Yesterday I went around changing all the clocks in the house, and since I love clocks, it takes some time to get them all up and running in sync. Oh, then there are the two clocks I have that have that autoset feature which means they change the time automatically. While it sounds like a good concept, they are so old that they are programmed to change with the old dates for time-changing. So, that means I have to actually change the time on those two clocks four times a year. Does that make I am really confusing myself. Oh, and one last thing. When I jump in the Jeep to run around town today, i have to remember to change the clock there! My head is spinning.

One good thing however -- I am wearing one of my favorite Kazuri bracelets next to my watch today -- just to soothe my soul every time I glance at my wrist to see what time it really is.