Friday, March 05, 2010

A Design Fit for Shirley

The other day I caught a rerun of Boston Legal. One of my all time favs, no doubt about it. Full of interesting characters, timely topics and good humor as only David E. Kelley can do. Well, maybe that is not a fair statement, since I watch so little TV that perhaps I am not qualified to judge what other writers have or have not done. But, I do know this -- I loved the characters In Ally McBeal as well as Boston Legal.

(Did you know that all five seasons of A McB are now available on DVD?) While watching recently, I was reminded that Shirley Schmidt, the character played by Candace Bergen, would have loved my five-strand necklaces and would have looked smashing in them. I know, I know. That might sound a little smug...but I honestly feel that way. So, I guess it's okay to be an advocate for my jewelry designs...right? Sure...sure.