Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vintage Jewelry and Heavy Sighs

Did I mention that while I was in Tucson I finally watched Julie & Julia? What fun. Meryl Streep was an excellent Julia Child. In fact, throughout the movie I had to keep reminding myself it was Meryl that I was watching and not Julia.

As a try-to-be chef (well maybe that should be downgraded to cook), I loved the whole idea of cooking through Child's book; and as a writer/blogger I loved the blogging side of the story too. Last night, while working on some new designs (yes, the imperial jasper, freshwater pearl and smoky quartz necklace posted here) I watched/listened to The Devil Wears Prada...again. The jewelry in that movie...well, is beyond crazy. Those vintage pieces from Fred words just a heavy sigh. Why is it that I am so drawn to jewelry from the past? I think part of my love is related to the fact that many of the designers of those days used unusual beads and unexpected opaque gemstones. And, you know I love both. If I could. I would have a room full of vintage jewelry -- a little mini-museum of sorts. Before closing, I have to mention Stanley Tucci who appears in each of the films mentioned. At the risk of sounding the fool -- I'm seriously crushing on the man -- always have...always will. And, yes, another very heavy sigh. Silly, I know -- but honestly, at he moment, I don't really care! Okay, back to the reality of jewelry. Lots to get done today!