Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Real Red Carpet

Something about all the red carpet hoopla over the last few months intrigues me. I know, I's a huge industry this business of fashion. I just find it interesting that it takes much more than a village to dress one celebrity these days. Yes, I'll admit, it is kind of fun playing dress up; and in another life, I did get to be dressed by "stylists." Oh, not in the glamorous kind of way -- but in the soccer-mom-next-door kind of way. Yes, its' true, I worked as a commercial print model (oh and commercial actor) in NYC. Surprised?

Yeah, it still surprises me when I say it out loud. While it was fun and interesting in many ways -- I found it totally annoying that someone else was picking out my clothes and accessories, doing my make-up and styling my "do" all in an effort to make me look believable. Why not just go with the outfit I walked in with before they started fussing with me? Now that would have been "real."

Today, in the local grocery store, I realized I was walking on the red carpet in the produce department. Lucky for me I was wearing these beauties stacked up one arm for all to "ooh" and "ahh" over. Just one thing...where was the press, the media, the fans? Guess there's not much interest in someone who walks down that red carpet -- well, unless you are the people financing the local store, then I suppose you are interested in a demographic sort of way.

It all led me to wonder -- "who's your stylist" and "where is your red carpet?"