Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fields of Green

Seems to be a lot of sod-growing in this part of the country. You know, sod...the stuff you lay out in your yard to have an instant lawn. I pass several of these fields on the way to get berries. Just a few weeks ago the fields were brown and dry. I'm always a bit amazed at how quickly the grass grows and everything turns green. They are especially lovely when the high sprinklers are throwing sprays of water in the sunshine -- I tried to capture the rainbows here, but with the camera on my cell phone, some detail is lost. Janice, a friend of mine, always thought it would be neat to live next to a sod farm. All you would see for acres and acres and acres would be fields of green. Lucky her, she lives on a little farm on the other side of town -- surrounded by grass seed fields, so she kind of has the same effect, just a bit scruffier.