Sunday, July 05, 2009

Yes, I Said Rodeo!

Solid proof that I was not stretching the truth when I said there were two, count 'em two, rodeos going on in neighboring towns. This results in a lot of horse trailer traffic, as horses and riders are shuttled from one rodeo to the other. This horse trailer, not only confirms my reporting; but it also gives those of you interested in attended the rodeo in Washington that appears to be coming up some contact info. It's funny -- while living in NYC the only animals I saw, besides dogs and squirrels (oh, and rats and mice) were the police horses and the animals that were used in the Radio City Hall Christmas Show. Strangely, walking to work one morning, right by Rockefeller Center I saw a camel being walked. Yes, a real live camel. So, I guess it is true what they say "New York has it's wildlife."