Friday, July 24, 2009

Tiny Treasures and Eclectic Mixes

A while back I took a pix of the flowers on the table in front of the sofa from above looking down. Today I was going through some old files and when the image popped up on the screen I saw much more than the flowers. You see, that table houses a collection of small treasures that take me to different places and times in my life. Let's see -- rocks (yes, rocks) from Central Park in NYC; a strange flip-out kind of extension ruler that was my dad's way back when -- I remember playing with it "carefully" as a kid; my dad's wallet which still holds his stuff (wow, I wasn't prepared for the tears); an amazing purple blown glass ornament/ball -- a gift from Bubbles, a dear friend in NYC; a beautiful tooled leather wallet that belonged to a friend's mom, sand dollars from the different beaches I called home, a very small photo of the windows of a cottage on Nantucket Island; a photo of a bundled up me (it was December) and Agatha in Central Park in front of the scary London Plane tree (these trees always remind me of those in the animated film Fantasia) with the rooftops of Fifth Avenue in the background (that was the day I met Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer on Madison Avenue and yes, we actually had a conversation in that "only in New York" kind of way); a Baccarat crystal heart from an old beau, a small photo of an "always" love hugging my little Norwich, Agatha, in NYC; vintage spools from woolen mills in New England that now serve as candleholders; and, a photo of a dear sister-friend and her big ol' love of a dog. I think that about does it. I look at each tiny treasure and I am immediately taken to that moment in time. While it might look like a hodge-podge of stuff to others -- to me it reflects much of what has crossed my path, helping to create the person I am today. Hm-m-m, a little philosophical today.

I realized that I do like little snippets of life and tiny things. I have always believed that life happens in moments and that's where I like to put my attention. I think that is why I love designing and making jewelry -- I get to use lots of pretty little things, stringing them together to make pretty bigger things! Kind of like life -- little moments that mix with other little moments, adding up to make a totally great experience.