Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Peek at Things to Come

I had a ball on Thursday at the offices of a fairly new publication, Willamette Woman. Marion, the editor of the magazine, invited me to be the focus of a really fun feature they do in every issue called "In the Bag: Peek in a Purse." Of course, I was thrilled to be asked. I showed up and was taken down to the basement of the Statesman Journal offices in Salem where they have a little photo studio set up. Little did I know they were going to take my bag from me and unload it on the tabletop! YIKES. Luckily, I have a fairly organized messenger bag since one of my pet peeves is to see a woman pawing through her bag looking for something. My way of avoiding that is to have everything inside placed in a variety of smaller bags -- from my Lisa Jenks wallet I bought at Barney's way back when to celebrate a new job, to a Walker bag I bought when I lived in Mill Valley to a beaded frog bag I got off a street vendor in NYC. "Two dollar, two dollar, two dollar. Three for five." So, it really wasn't all that bad. It is interesting, though, to look at your personality through the things you carry in your bag/purse/backpack and how you organize or don't organize them. Anyhow, I also have a little pouch of "lucky" gems, rocks and beads that I carry with me -- they got photographed so will see where the editor goes with that. The issue doesn't come out until September -- and when it does, I will post an image least, I think I will. Guess I have to see the end product before I make that commitment!