Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mermaid Dreams

This hotter than hot weather, yes, it is 104 in this part of the country, is making me long for my long-ago-life at the beach. I'm telling you, if I was anywhere near the ocean, a river, or a pool of water of any type, I would jump in, clothes and all. Of course, this longing for cool shores was boosted when my brother-in-law sent me a video of a surfer in Huntington Beach catching the perfect ride at the U.S. Open (surfing not tennis) a few days ago.

I know, a surfer catching a ride at a tennis event just makes no sense; but I like to make sure we're all on the same page -- hence the need to differentiate. Back to the surfer at hand, Kelly Slater, I believe, and wow(!) it was a PERFECT ride on a PERFECT wave and to think it was right in Huntington Beach. Watching the vid I could almost feel the spray and taste the salt. Thanks Mikey!

Anyhow, since a beach of any type, is not in my immediate future, I thought it would cool things off a bit if I shared a few pieces of jewelry that have the relaxing and inviting colors of the ocean mixed in with some freshwater pearls. Looking at the beautiful blue of the lampwork beads and then the greenish-blue-teal of the flourite, maybe I feel a bit refreshed. Maybe not...but at least it took my mind of the heat for a few minutes.