Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surprise in Purple

I walked around the house today on a side that isn't my normal path -- wow! Look what was there waiting for me. And, no...it wasn't a spider, although I am quite sure there are many living just beyond my line of sight in that exact spot. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing my glasses. The surprise was a good one -- this glorious clematis (would the plural of that be clematii?) in full bloom, climbing up a trellis and spilling over the roof. Of course, I had to run inside and get my Blackberry so I could capture their beauty. It is just too hot out there to get shots with the "good" camera and since my BB camera seems to do a good job, I just went with it. Then I thought it would be cool to crawl around on the ground and get a pix of the tiniest little fuchsias in the world -- I think they call these Tinkerbell fuchsias. The entire blossom is only about one inch long; and since my uncle and dad have always called me Tinker, I like anything that reminds me of that. If you look closely, the inside petals look like deep purple velvet.

Okay, I admit, I am a bit of a purple freak but in a quiet kind of way. I never thought about it much before, but I am drawn to things purple -- like flowers and gemstones and glass beads. I don't think I have any purple clothes, at least that I can think of now; but I do have a Rebecca Moss purple business card holder that I got in NYC many moons ago. Oh, and I do have a pair of purple reading glasses. And, I do have a dogtooth amethyst bracelet similar to the one shown here. When I found these gemstones in Tucson I had to grab all the vendor had left. I don't see this gem that often and when I do I get giddy! And, I hear that purple is a BIG fashion color for the fall-winter seasons. Giddy?