Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth!

I feel like I should be posting a pix that represents the 4th of July -- but I have nothing like that in my photog file and it is much too hot to go out in search of something that fits the bill. So, I thought I would post a lovely image of one of my all time favorite Kazuri bead bracelets -- and, yes, it just happens to be red. A bit unusual for the 4th -- but lovely none the less. I spent the day yesterday mucking out my jewelry studio -- it gets a little out of control when I am working like a mad woman on the biz of jewelry. Guess what I found? More red Kazuri beads that I bought last year -- yes, last year. I am so excited as the red beads are getting more difficult to get. So there will be more red designs coming out of the studio soon. Meanwhile, there are a few available on my site so you might want to scoot over there and see if one might be just perfect to add to your collection. Hope you are all having a fun and safe day. Oh, did I mention I am loving the blueberries again today? Can a person eat too many I wonder?