Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Flip Side of the Coin

Yesterday when I went to get a new passport photo (poop, I look like a convict in the pix -- the photog tells me the rules have changed and you can no longer smile for your passport pix) I was again reminded of the rich and diverse history in this little community. This house sits in the middle of a short block of four magnificent old beauties (and I am not talking about the owners of the homes). I stopped to chat with one owner who was taking care of biz on the front huge wraparound porch. While I didn't ask when the house was built, my guess would be early 1890s -- it is a splendid work of art and a beautiful example of a renovation that I am sure took tons of blood, sweat and tears. One day I'll get the nerve to ask her for a tour. I discovered that the photog heads up the historical group here in town. So once I apologize for my grim behavior upon seeing my passport photo, I'll see if he can arrange a tour for me of the houses on the block, including the house that is now his photo studio.

I have long been fascinated by the jewelry worn by women during the Victorian era -- well, women of "means" that is. It was so intricate and most likely the design depicted some hidden message -- specific flowers had specific messages, for example. So romantic. Remember these were the days long before it was okay to shout "I love you" to your

beau standing on the
other side of the street! I wonder if the women who settled out west and lived in houses such as this brought their jewelry with them when they made the long journey out. The historical society here has some info but sadly many things aren't documented so I have no idea. If they did have it, I want to think it would be a scaled-down version of the "Victorian-inspired" necklaces and bracelet in these pix.