Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jasper Skies

Today the sky looked like jasper. Not sure which one; but silver mist comes to mind. Blue with mottled wispy white and gray. The cloud formations in this part of the country are interesting. I think it is because the "prairie" is so flat that the wind patterns mimic the land formations below so many times we get long flat-looking clouds. Please don't bet any money on my "scientific" explanation for these particular types of clouds -- especially if you find yourself in the Cash Cab in NYC.

I wanted to post a pix of a silver mist jasper design from the TRL inventory, but I realized that I had sold them all quite some time back. Inspiration hit! Do some new silver mist jasper First, though, I have some other "surprise" pieces to finish up, so I put the jasper "in line" on the workbench. Oh, I also discovered some Mexican Lace agate while mining my stash of gemstones. Now I am thinking that the sky looks like that rock as well. Could it be that I am going nuts -- seems that I see the essence of gemstones everywhere I look. I guess that is better than seeing images of Elvis...right?