Thursday, August 20, 2009

Choose Me! Choose Me! Choose Me!

I had a bunch o'bracelets all lined up on a work tray and they looked like so much fun, I had to snap a pix and post it here. I love making this particular style. Something about the repetitive nature of creating the "rope" is very Zen for me. That is the reason I so enjoy knitting -- it's not so much the finished product, in that case, it is the very nature of the knitting technique. However, it is both the technique and the finished product when it comes to these bracelets. Picking just the right gemstones or glass beads for the "charms" makes me happy. Interesting, I am so easily entertained.

Look closely and you'll see Russian amazonite, smoky quartz, milky aqua, the most glorious carnelian, freshwater pearls and fancy faceted Czech glass. Why Czech? Because, in my mind, no one does it better. They have a long, long, long history for making this style of bead and their perfection shows in every little facet.

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