Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hip Chick Meets Glizy Glam

I've had so much fun designing this special necklace for a friend's niece who is soon departing for London. She wanted something similar to the Hip Chick-Surfer Dudette design that has been so popular on my site. But, I thought the overall feel of the necklace should be a little more sophisticated, without being stuffy. When I think of London, I always think edgy (funny but the straight-laced somber Queen thing never comes to mind).

So I wanted something a bit edgy and hip that provided some versatile wearing options. So this is the final piece -- the sterling silver charms include a Fleur-de-lys for tradition; a star because she is the star in her own movie; a key to open any and all doors she encounters and a little "L" just in case she forgets her name!!! Look for others on the site -- I seem to be on a roll with the waxed cotton cord these days. I'm just getting started and the ideas are limitless.