Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet Obi-Wan

Big day at the Becks -- Obi-Wan, a new rescue came to stay while he waits for a new family. Cute, 5-year old Cairn -- really social, loves chasing the ball and is having a blast chasing around with Beatrix and Missy on the farm. He has a big ol' crush on Bea -- thinks she is really cute and Bea...just wants to be friends. Isn't that always the way?

And, yes, in case you ever wanted to know -- there is a tractor for every job. Here, is one that is just right for the farm. It's amazing the things you learn living out "in the 

country." My first summer here I saw a sign that said "Cat for Rent." In my city-thinking ways I was thinking, "do people rent out cats to catch mice or something?" Then, I learned that in this case, "Cat" was a shorten name for Caterpillar. You know those huge earth-moving kind of things. I think they should have an earth-moving playground -- where you could go and drive any kind of big equipment you wanted to. Doesn't that sound like fun? Or, have I been living in the country a bit too long?