Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gemstone Rope Style Hits the Site

All of those unfinished goodies I showed a few days ago are ready for posting to the site. I promise they will be on the site later tonight and all of the rope-style bracelets -- small, smaller and smallest will be ready to make the trip to your home. Here are two finished pieces just to whet your appetite!

The top has carnelian charm dangles and the bottom one has Russian amazonite and smoky quartz. I LOVE these bracelets. Easy to put on, they just roll over your hand and place themselves on your wrists. Since there is some flexibility in the rope portion it makes them really comfortable to wear in real life. Oh and they look so good layered up.

I have been in "hog-heaven" this weekend. Jay King has been offering his wares on HSN. I am especially happy that he was on this morning with Shivan Sarna -- they get the rocks and talk about them in detail. That makes a geek like me very happy! I had the good fortune of spending some time with them both last February in Tucson -- and they are just what you think. Fun, full of adventure and laughter, and have a love of rocks. The same goes for the Jay King team -- what a terrific group of people. If you like the rope style of the bracelets here, check out Jay's version on HSN -- he brought a few gemstone necklaces done in a similar technique this visit. The are really fun and I am sure the quality is exquisite.