Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dolling up the Shorts and Polo

So, I am walking around the studio and house wear-testing a new bigger than life multi-layer gemstone necklace based on the one shown here. It is stunning and really dolls up my shorts and polo! Luckily the neighbors have adjusted to my strangeness -- but when I first moved in they were a little shocked when they would see all the glam with a t-shirt and shorts or sweats!

I just came in from out back where I was hoping to "harvest" a few tomatoes (I have one plant!) and my neighbor caught me in all my glamorous splendor! It is very important for me to make sure that each piece will stand the test of wear by real people -- so, who better to do the quality assurance testing than moi? Why do I think of Miss Piggy when I say "moi?" Am I dating myself?

I will be switching into a variation of the sardonyx wonder here a bit later. Think I'll do that while vacuuming!! If you wonder about the necklace above, it is raw and polished faceted clear crystal quartz and Czech glass pearls and brushed silver chain -- I'm telling you, that one was a stunner (#0305 is sold) but the new version should be up on the site in a few days along with the other necklace I am quality testing later today. Funny how the fashionistas are talking about all the big bold statement necklaces for fall -- I am glad to see that they are catching up with me! Does that sound smug? I don't mean it to be -- as far as I'm concerned bold statement pieces have always been and will always be the way to go.