Monday, August 24, 2009

Hops and Elephant Eyes

"The hops are as high as an elephant's eye..." -- oh, where are Rodgers and Hammerstein when you need them? I guess if the musical "Oklahoma" had been set in Oregon, then the lyrics would reflect the hops crops, instead of corn. Well, thinking about it, I guess the musical would not be titled "Oklahoma" it would be title "Oregon" and I am sure would be a wee bit shorter since it doesn't take as long to spell O-R-E-G-O-N. My head is spinning.

Anyhow, I was passing by the acres and acres of hops fields today and thought I should stop and take a pix -- so I did. When I say an elephant's eye -- I think these could be even taller; but it's been a while since I measured the distance from the ground to an elephant's eye so I can't say for sure. If you haven't seen how hops grow -- then you're in for a treat. Well, okay, not as good a treat as the Mother Lode cake at The Claim Jumper in Tucson, but still a treat of sorts. Speaking of the Mother Lode cake, do you know that my niece and I ate there several times during the Tucson Gem Show and we did not, and I repeat did not, eat a slice of that cake. As tempting as it was, over the years I have learned that it's best not to eat anything bigger than my head! And, sadly, the Mother Lode cake falls into that category. And, would you believe this entry started out talking about hops? Now my head really is spinning.