Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I Miss About NYC

Well, not really things, but this thing in particular. This image was borrowed from a photo taken by friends in NYC -- they were celebrating their son's birthday at one of the most spectacular places on earth -- The Natural History Museum. Talk about your inspiration!

I love(d) that place -- every time I visited it was an adventure. Oh, and the pearl exhibit they had many, many, many years ago (where does the time go?) was really quite fabulous. And, the planetarium was, and is, spectacular -- I was lucky enough to visit the old space before the reconstruct, hence the "was."

One of the best things about the Museum? I didn't have to drive there. I could just walk a few blocks, hop on the M79 (oh gosh, I still remember the bus numbers) and travel through the park to Central Park West, jump off the bus and walk in the door to Magic Land! Then I would have to step across the street and pop in at Isabella's for the BEST chopped salad in the City and finish the day with a chocolate bag and some great-tasting decaf. Those were the days of walking things off -- so calories weren't such a big concern! Heavy sigh. And, a big thanks to Darryl and Tammy for sharing pix of their life. Makes me feel a little less far away.