Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Plain Silly

As I was driving out of my little community this is what I saw. So, of course, I had to share it here. It's good to know, that if I am out walking today there will be a place to sit, should I have the need!! I wish I could find the pix I took of a friend of mine, sitting on an old toidy along the curb on 70th and First in NYC.

We had more fun that day taking pix -- but sadly it was long before the digital age and the prints are all in storage. Maybe it's a good thing -- you're spared the agony of looking at two grown but very silly women having a great time just goofing off. But, beware -- just when you thought it was safe -- those pix might magically appear.

And, on a classier note -- this is the back of the Paradis Place. Don't miss the American flag flapping in the breeze. The wrought iron fence is not fencing in the house itself; but it is surrounding the storage area behind the house. Not sure of the age of the structure, but it was a part of a pretty big farm and was the place that Beatrix's vet here in town grew up. It's really pretty and in beautiful condition -- unfortunately, they sold the old carriage that was housed out front in an enclosed glass case so I wasn't able to get a pix of it. It was truly a piece of the past and I am told in perfect working condition -- all it needed was the horse or horses...not sure which.